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irector Jamie Levine’s decision to make this her life’s work was empowered by the “voice of a child,” stemming from many years of academic struggle and a late diagnosis with ADHD at the age of 20 while attending Boston University.

Jamie personally manages all Team Esteem cases. With significant expertise as an educator, she possesses exceptional assessment skills and a strong background in preparing individual education plans. Jamie is experienced in working as an active member of multidisciplinary teams where, along with therapists and psychologists, she creates individualized education plans that foster students’ growth.

Jamie also works closely with parents, where her empathetic listening skills, combined with her natural talent as a communicator, have enabled her to develop meaningful relationships with parents and colleagues. She is dedicated to matching families and schools with the appropriate staff and mentors, and supervises the Team Esteem staff on a weekly basis.

Levine received her Master of Science in Special Education from Fordham University in 2001 and since then has had extensive experience working with children who have a variety of learning differences, such as social, emotional and behavioral challenges, speech and language delays and sensory needs. Jamie began her career teaching at the Gillen Brewer School and the Parkside School. Since 2004, she has worked as a special education itinerant teacher (SEIT) in Manhattan’s private schools.

Customizing her techniques for each child, family and school setting, Jamie uses a combination of professionalism, compassion, humor, and diverse educational philosophies to guide students in achieving the fastest and most effective progress, both short- and long-term. In response to an overwhelming demand for her private SEIT services in Manhattan, Jamie founded Team Esteem to expand her reach and spread her teaching philosophies to other educators and families.