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‘Tis the Season

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Fact: 85% of a person’s brain is developed by the time they are five years old, but only 14% of money for public education is put into these early years.


Team Esteem is growing more every day supporting children struggling with social, emotional and behavioral challenges in and out of the classroom. We are working to place a greater focus on intervention in these critical early years.

Naughty or Nice? 

…I like to think most kids are “nice,” and it is mistaken behavior that is not being addressed, rather than misbehavior.

The honeymoon phase is long over and the excitement of the first 3 months of school has come and gone. Kids have gotten comfortable enough to show their true colors and are demonstrating challenging behaviors. Teachers and school directors are speaking up and advocating for children to get Early Intervention services, however, the process is not happening fast enough. Children are suffering every day as adults struggle to come up with a solution.

While I can’t solve all of the problems in a simple newsletter, I can shed some light on the subject this holiday season by comforting you and letting you know that you are not alone. Your child is not the only one with these problems.

Here are the point of views of directors and parents – I hope this urges each and every family to bridge the two and get the help they need today.

Directors are thinking…
  • Is it too early to say something to the parents?
  • Is the behavior going to escalate?
  • Are my teachers trained on how to deal with this type of behavior? Should they be?
  • I did mention it to the parents, but they didn’t follow through.
  • I don’t want my school to get a bad reputation if I have to ask outsiders for help.
  • I’m not sure how to guide the parents when I’m not qualified to diagnose this.
  • This behavior is disrupting the class and getting other parents very annoyed.
  • Why are there so many kids popping up around Manhattan like this?
  • This kid is out of control. 
  • I’m at a loss. 
  • I should tell them now instead of later. 
Parents are thinking…
  • I have no clue what’s wrong or how to help.
  • I’m not sure what the teacher is doing to make it better.
  • Is the teacher trained for this?
  • Why am I spending this money on preschool?…Especially if they can’t control my child?
  • My wife is over-reacting.
  • My husband doesn’t get that this is a problem, and my child is really suffering.
  • I was like this as a kid, it’s fine.
  • It’s the school’s issue.
  • My kid would be a great CEO but he’s not a great student.
  • He’s a self-directed kid…
  • Is it going to get better? When will it get better? 
  • Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier?
  • How will this affect my child’s opportunity to get into an ongoing school?
  • How much will this end up costing me?
  • How long will I have to do this for?
  • How do I know what kind of evaluation he needs? Who would know?
  • How many more people do I have to go to? Call? See?
  • HELP!!
If you identify with any of these reflections, reach out to our team to
find out how we can suggest the right course of action.
From all of us at Team Esteem, we wish you a 
wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

Jamie Levine, M.S. Ed

About the Author
Jamie personally manages all Team Esteem cases. With significant expertise as an educator, she possesses exceptional assessment skills and a strong background in preparing individual education plans. Jamie is experienced in working as an active member of multidisciplinary teams where, along with therapists and psychologists, she creates individualized education plans that foster students’ growth.

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