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SEITs integrate the child into the classroom and implement change through the development of new habits and appropriate behavior. At home, SEITs work on specific goals to support classroom expectations.

Social Skills Groups

Team Esteem’s learning engineers guide children ages 3-8 through social interactions. With an intimate group (2-6 people), children are able to practice in a smaller world. By creating small successful moments, each child is able to increase self-esteem and learn the skills and behaviors necessary to carryover into other environments.

Consulting and Strategizing

Jamie and other Team Esteem engineers advise teachers and parents on techniques for addressing children with learning challenges. Together, we establish a plan to foster more effective and nurturing educational experiences. Team Esteem also offers professional development workshops and presentations.

Expressive Art Activities

Provide children with a safe and creative space where they can explore their emotions and find positive ways to express themselves, transforming their subjective realities into objective visual forms.