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September’s Around the Corner

September Transition

With only 2 weeks left of summer this is a valuable time to encourage your child to connect with old and new friends. Whether on vacation or relaxing at home, it is important to prepare your child for successful social and emotional growth this upcoming school year.

This preparation is especially helpful for children moving on to new schools and if they have had difficulty making and keeping friends. In addition to Team Esteem’s Social Skill Groups, these are tips for making play dates easier at home.



1. Evaluate your child honestly.
Most parents know their child well enough to realize if a play date will be smooth sailing or not, but part of the problem is that parents don’t always want to know. If you reach out to other parents and are constantly turned down, or if you know your child has trouble in social settings, it’s time to help your child.

2. Find a good personality match.
The most important element to planning a successful play date is knowing the players.  I don’t recommend parents getting 2 kids with similar issues together if they can’t manage it, but if the parent can do conflict resolution on the spot, it can be a good learning experience for the kids.

3. Preview the play date.

Playing is not natural for all kids. Practice a play date before the real get-together. Go over asking for things in a friendly voice, how to transition and say goodbye. Model the behavior you’d like your child to learn, and feel free to feed your child specific language.

4. Create nonverbal cues.

No matter how well you prepare your child, a situation may arise where you need to remind him or her to calm down. Team Esteem uses nonverbal visual cues for these occasions, so your child isn’t embarrassed.

5. Conclude positively.
Successful play dates are motivators for kids, if one goes well it can alleviate social anxiety and encourage positive interactions in the future. After the play date, be sure to compliment your child with descriptive praise explaining exactly what they did well. If you can have kids connect the dots themselves, it helps them remember for next time.

“Play dates are the connection that allow children to forge a different kind of friendship”
–Taryn Klein, LMSW, Team Esteem

 We have been hard at work all summer to keep up with the demands for our Fall season and expansion of locations (UES and UWS).  As a result we are pleased to announce Tracie Dossick, LMSW, has joined our team from Kidville. We are happy to have her on board! 

If you are interested in our services and how we can help your child, please fill out and submit the Team Esteem Background Form.

 We look forward to another successful social season with your children!

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