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Living in a Visual World

…The importance of visuals in home, group and school settings.

Parents and teachers can reinforce listening skills and improve behavior at home and in school by integrating more visual cues into daily life. Presenting a visual schedule  is a simple and practical way to create the change you are looking for. Schedules help manage transitions, improve self-help skills  and increase a child’s independence.

If implemented with clarity, consistency and on a routine basis, visual schedules lead to opportunities that empower  a child and increase self-esteem. Visual cues provide reminders with less grown up-talk (aka white noise).

At Team Esteem, visual cues  are a mandatory component of our Social Skills Group curriculum. They help keep learning FUN and are one of the reasons we are successful in engaging and motivating  students to learn new

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Example of a Visual Schedule used in Team Esteem Social Skills Groups

  • Creates Social Interactions
  • Strengthens Fine Motor Skills
  • Increases Language
  • Reviews Sorting
About the Author
Jamie personally manages all Team Esteem cases. With significant expertise as an educator, she possesses exceptional assessment skills and a strong background in preparing individual education plans. Jamie is experienced in working as an active member of multidisciplinary teams where, along with therapists and psychologists, she creates individualized education plans that foster students’ growth.

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