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How Well Do You Communicate?

…With Your Child’s Teachers?Parent Teacher Conference

While I don’t recommend parents being overly-assertive when it comes to teacher communication, I do recognize that most parents know their child better than others. Parents are their child’s best advocate (along with Team Esteem of course!).

Taking an intellectual approach to communication, as opposed to one that is emotional charged, will ultimately yield positive results.

Teachers need to know the child’s concerns in order to do their job well.
Parents – don’t hesitate to voice your child’s concerns, as they are what matters most.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Parent to Teacher Communication:


1. Be sensitive and respectful.
2. Tell the teacher the personal story that affected your child, using the quoted language that your child reported.
3. Tell the teacher how your child felt from that experience and why that concerns you.
4. Give suggestions on what may work best for your child according to past experience.
5. Follow up with the teacher by thanking them for their support.
6. Ask what else you can do to help your child


1. Sound like you’re telling the teacher what to do.
2. Sound angry or defensive.
3. Tell the teacher what he/she did wrong.
4. Be a pain.
5. Forget that your child is one of many that your teacher is responsible for.
6. Forget that a home environment is very different from the whole group demands and routine of the classroom environment


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About the Author
Jamie personally manages all Team Esteem cases. With significant expertise as an educator, she possesses exceptional assessment skills and a strong background in preparing individual education plans. Jamie is experienced in working as an active member of multidisciplinary teams where, along with therapists and psychologists, she creates individualized education plans that foster students’ growth.

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