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Team Esteem's Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child’s school has suggested that we hire a SEIT. What are the next steps?

    There are two options: in-class SEIT services and at-home SEIT services. We can work with you and your child’s school to determine which is more appropriate for your situation. Often, we make this decision during our initial consultation and then schedule a time for a more in-depth background, observation, and assessment. We then deliver a detailed action plan, which sets forth a customized program, to the parents and school for approval. We start providing services as soon as the plan is approved.
  • My child has difficulty making friends and getting play dates. How can Team Esteem help?

    Team Esteem offers two services which address these concerns. Through participation in our social pragmatics groups, your child will work on social thinking skills as we provide explicit instruction in a small group setting. By teaching these essential skills in a structured and fun manner, we allow your child to feel more comfortable navigating the complexities of the social world, engaging in play with other children, and making friends. In addition, Team Esteem coordinates and supports facilitated play dates by arranging and facilitating actual play dates with age appropriate peers. Through our facilitated play dates, we are able to work on generalizing the social thinking skills we cover in our pragmatics groups, and support your child in internalizing these critical skills within the context of real-life situations. Team Esteem will then provide you with comprehensive feedback and follow-up regarding your child’s social progression and development.
  • My child is exhibiting academic struggles in school. How does Team Esteem address these issues?

    In addressing academic struggles, Team Esteem often focuses on strengthening the foundation executive function skills and how they apply to each specific area of struggle. By developing and strengthening planning skills, organization skills, working memory, self-monitoring skills, task initiation skills, and flexible thinking, we provide a structure and framework to foster and facilitate academic success. Following a comprehensive assessment, Team Esteem will design a customized action plan to address each issue of concern and implement a system for monitoring your child’s progression and development.
  • My child is not speaking at the age appropriate level. What can I do to help?

    Team Esteem specializes in working with speech and language impaired or delayed children. We are able to work with children inside and outside the classroom and provide strategies that help parents, caregivers, and schools develop and encourage children’s communication skills. We provide the support necessary to ensure that your child is receiving wraparound service delivery so that areas of deficit are being addressed and worked on continually throughout their day, rather than just during isolated parts of their day.
  • My child has certain OT or other physical issues. How does Team Esteem approach these types of issues?

    Following Team Esteem’s background, observation, and assessment, we are able to provide you with an action plan that outlines a specific program (in addition to working with an occupational therapist when appropriate) to address these issues and improve in-class and at-home behavior. Our wraparound approach will ensure that your child’s needs are being appropriately addressed throughout their day and across all settings.
  • What is the difference between Team Esteem’s services and those of speech/language, occupational, psychological, and play therapists?

    Such therapists provide important fundamental skills to address very specific issues. Team Esteem enhances these skills, integrating them into everyday life through practical experiences and exercises. Team Esteem takes a team approach in working with various specialists and the school on common goals.
  • Why should a family seek private services?

    As a parent, you have many options that can help alleviate the stress of challenging situations when it comes to your child. Some parents opt to only seek private services.
  • Why go private?

    As a parent, you have many options that can help alleviate the stress of challenging situations when it comes to your child. Some parents opt to only seek private services because they want a high-quality, customized approach or have privacy concerns within the education system. Other parents use our assistance to supplement services that they may not qualify for from the state. With Team Esteem, there is no lengthy and tiring process to get the help you need in a timely manner because we strive to achieve your specific needs and goals.