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Build a Foundation


Dear Parents, Educations, Therapists, School Administration and Developmental Pediatricians:

Thank you for your feedback on our previous newsletter, “Behavior and Sensory Needs.” Your responses have led to meaningful change.

The subject matter was written based on time spent working in numerous school settings and determining attainable goals as they relate to social skills, behavior, self-esteem and sensory issues. So often this combination of symptoms goes unaddressed or unnoticed in our classrooms, which can spiral into bigger long-term problems.


As adults, we choose certain activities that are calming when our bodies are in an overactive state.  For the overstimulated child, group participation and sustained engagement do not come easy. By introducing necessary sensory tools, it will be possible for the child to partake in social activities and internalize skills needed to be successful and build self-esteem to navigate the outside world.

A well-rounded support system is essential to equip your child with the foundation to build success among peers.  Team Esteem, along with a Making Milestones Occupational Therapist, is offering a fresh approach by incorporating a Social Skills/Sensory component into a select number of groups (at the discretion of Jamie Levine).


Utilizing key sensory equipment, such as a swing or weighted vest/blanket, provides input to help organize a child’s nervous system. When the child is in a regulated state, his/her body is calm and grounded, which ultimately leads to learning.

This new collaboration emphasizes one of our core valuescustomization, and the importance of honoring the uniqueness of each and every child we serve.


As a community, we recognize the significance of self expression and self-regulation by creating opportunities to gain independence and practice in a smaller world.

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About the Author
Jamie personally manages all Team Esteem cases. With significant expertise as an educator, she possesses exceptional assessment skills and a strong background in preparing individual education plans. Jamie is experienced in working as an active member of multidisciplinary teams where, along with therapists and psychologists, she creates individualized education plans that foster students’ growth.

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