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he Team Esteem concept was conceived in 2009, during a conversation Jamie had with one of her student’s psychiatrists. The conversation topic surrounded the frustration which manifests from the disconnect which frequently exists between a child’s many service providers. This disconnect often creates inefficiency, confusion, and an overall barrier towards a child’s progression.

At the same time, Jamie was experiencing an overwhelming demand to take on additional SEIT cases. In particular, she acquired a reputation for being able to develop and implement successful strategies and approaches for children who previously had not experienced success and who were at the point of slipping out of their mainstream classroom settings. School directors came to recognize Jamie as a reliable and effective service provider who could handle the most challenging cases and provide the support necessary to allow these children to remain in their mainstream settings.

In launching Team Esteem, shortly thereafter, she introduced an educational approach which provided support to these students by encouraging and facilitating active collaboration between therapists, doctors, teachers, and family members. In doing so, she was able to provide a more efficient and seamless network which maximized results and allowed students to realize greater potential.

Today, Team Esteem continues to adopt its unique communal approach in working with an even greater number of students.