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Team Esteem is guided by and committed to our 5 Core Values. Our core values form the foundation of our philosophy, our recruiting and hiring process, and the basis of everything we stand for.


Create and implement a Team Esteem Action Plan based on valuable background input and assessments from all significant individuals in a child’s life including parents, teachers, therapists, and other relevant service providers.


Committed to creating an educational environment that is stimulating, supportive and comfortable. Utilizing a mainstream setting as the resource and a unique communal approach to learning.


Develop a light but professionally playful environment to alleviate students’ anxiety. Open them up to new learning experiences.


Blend seamlessly into all settings. Reinforce work of the multi-disciplinary team by finding practical opportunities for repetition and practice.


Collaborate with multi-disciplinary team including parents, siblings, teachers, caregivers, outside therapists, and other influencers in order to accelerate, advance and expedite the process of reaching common goals.